Professional Waterproof Portable pH/ORP Meter

Professional Waterproof Portable pH/ORP Meter HI98190 is one of the laboratory equipments which is a durable and portable pH meter with the function and features of a desktop meter. This professional, waterproof meter complies with the IP67 standard and measures pH, redox potential and temperature. The HI98190 comes with all the accessories needed to measure pH and temperature in a sturdy carrying case.

Professional Waterproof Portable pH/ORP Meter HI98190 is supplied for pH measurement with the HI12963 pre-amplified pH electrode in a titanium case with a built-in temperature sensor for automatically temperature-compensated readings. The titanium body is chemically resistant to harsh chemicals and is virtually unbreakable. The HI12963 pH/Temperature Electrode features a new Quick DIN connector that allows for a simple, non-threaded, watertight connection to the meter.

Hanna’s unique CAL Check™ feature alerts the user to potential problems during calibration. By comparing the previous calibration data to the current calibration, the meter notifies the user on the display when the probe needs cleaning or is damaged and whether the pH buffer may be contaminated. After calibration, the probe condition is displayed between 0 and 100% in 10% increments. The condition of the probe is affected by both the offset and slope characteristics of the pH electrode and is shown on the measurement screen on the day of calibration and in the GLP data. Calibration can be performed at up to five points using seven pre-programmed standard buffers and five user-defined buffers to achieve ±0,

By pressing the AutoHold virtual button while in measurement mode, the meter freezes the first stable reading so that the reading can be documented or logged. The “Out of Calibration Range” warning can be activated, which warns the user when a reading is not within the range of the calibrated pH values.

With on-demand logging, up to 200 readings (100 each for pH and 100 for mV) can be recorded and stored. This data, along with associated GLP data, can be transferred to a PC using the supplied micro USB cable and HI92000 software.

The high-contrast LC display is easy to read outdoors in bright sunlight and in dimly lit areas with a backlight. A combination of dedicated and virtual buttons enables simple, intuitive operation in different languages.

The compact, durable carrying case is thermoformed to conveniently carry all components needed for a field measurement, including the meter and electrode, beaker, buffer solutions, cleaning solutions, and storage solutions.

Professional Waterproof Portable pH/ORP Meter Technical specifications 


pH measuring range 2.0 to 20.0 pH; -2.00 to 20.00 pH; -2.000 to 20.000 pH
resolution 0.1 pH; 0.01 pH; 0.001 pH
accuracy ±0.1; ±0.002 pH
calibration Up to five-point calibration, with seven standard buffers available (1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45) and five user-defined buffers
CAL Check™ Available input impedance 10¹² Ω
mV measurement range ±2000 mV
resolution 0.1 mV
accuracy ±0.2 mV
Relative mV offset range ±2000 mV
temperature measuring range -20.0 to 120.0°C (-4.0 to 248.0°F)
resolution 0.1°C (0.1°F)
accuracy ±0.4°C (±0.8°F) (excluding probe error)
More technical data Probe HI12963 pH electrode in titanium case with internal temperature sensor, quick DIN connector and 1 meter cable (3.3′) Slope calibration from 80 to 110% Data logging as required 200 readings (100 each of pH and mV readings) PC connection HI92000 software and micro USB cable
Battery type 1.5 V AA batteries (4) / approx. 200 hours of continuous use without backlight (50 hours with backlight)
Automatic shutdown selectable: 5, 10, 30, 60 min, without
Environmental conditions 0 – 50 °C, max. 100% rel. Humidity IP67
Mass weight 185 x 93 x 35.2 mm (7.3 x 3.6 x 1.4”) / 400 g (14.2 oz.)
Ordering Information The HI98190 comes with: HI12963 pH Electrode, HI7004M pH 4.01 Buffer Solution (230 mL), HI7007M pH 7.01 Buffer Solution (230 mL), Electrode Cleaning Solution (2), 100 mL Plastic Beaker (2), HI92000 PC Software, HI920015 micro-USB cable, 1.5V AA batteries (4), quick start guide, quality certificate and instructions for use in robust carrying case HI720190.

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