Oxygen Meter Portable HQ1130

The HQ1130 instrument cluster is a set of robust electrochemical instruments that has up to three input channels, depending on the model. They are designed for use in field and laboratory environments and are extremely versatile. The platform allows you to collect visual and accurate measurements, manage data and easily review results, all while offering an IP67 rating.

They provide a really attractive solution with a visual step-by-step on-screen user guide that reassures users to report and manage their results. Unlike other field gauges with basic user interfaces and no easily accessible data, the HQ Series simplifies the entire measurement process for field users with complete security.

The HQ range is compatible with Hach smart sensors – available in lab or farm versions.

Oxygen Meter Portable HQ1130 Overview:

HQ counters are available in different types:

HQ1110 – 1 Channel PH / ORP Meter
HQ1130 – Single Channel Dissolved Oxygen Meter.
HQ1140 – 1 Conduction Channel / TDS Meter
HQ2100 – multi-channel parameters (except for ISE)
HQ2200 – multi-channel parameters (except for ISE)
HQ4100 – Multi-parameter multi-channel with ISE
HQ4200 – Multi-parameter multi-channel with ISE
HQ4300 – Multi-parameter multi-channel with ISE
HQ4100, 4200 and 4300 also have color screens
Meters can be supplied without electrodes or with manual starter kits with the most common electrodes and accessories, all packed in a plastic box.

Oxygen Meter Portable HQ1130 Features:

HQ1130 can store 5000 data points
Simple and easy calibration – most measurement problems are related to incorrect calibration methods. With video calibration and on-screen calibration troubleshooting methods, it is easy even for novice users.
Easy data transfer – You can transfer your data to a computer using an existing USB cable, or you can use additional data validation when connecting the reader to Claros data management software (available separately).
Waterproof to IP67 – the entire HQ range is more rugged for field use
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery With USB Power Adapter
Wide range of electrodes for every application – The HQ range is compatible with the Smart Probe range, which contains robust laboratory electrodes in a wide range of settings. Smart electrodes are intelligent and automatically detected by headquarters counters, maintaining a history of calibration and method settings to reduce errors and start-up times. They use proven technology to deliver superior accuracy and response time, even when measuring challenging samples or harsh operating environments.

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