Coulometric Karl-Fischer-Titrator HI934

One of the HI933 laboratory equipments is a Karl Fischer automatic volumetric titrator with high accuracy, flexibility and excellent reproducibility.

The titrator is designed to perform titrations on a wide variety of sample types/matrices, allowing the user to achieve both good results and high-speed analysis. The HI933 analyzes water content in the range of 100 ppm 100%. This powerful titrant automatically doses the titrant, detects the end point and performs all the necessary calculations and graphs.

A small footprint requires only a minimal workbench
Housing made of strong and chemical resistant plastic
Powerful built-in algorithms for termination criteria based on Festem mV endpoint or Absolute/Relative Drift
Titrant standardization and average sample analysis
Water vapor ingress is minimized due to the sealed solvent system
Balance interface for automated methods
Customizable reports by the user
Clear the display of warning and error messages

For scientists and professionals who need to accurately determine water content from 0.01 to 100, our new generation Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator is designed to meet your technical needs in terms of time and liver. With advanced features in a compact design, this titrator provides accurate results and takes up less lab space. Determine the exact amount of water at the push of a button. Designed for the modern laboratory, this Karl Fischer titrator fits perfectly into your testing environment.

The compact design saves space in the lab without compromising your results.
Durable housing, resistant to heat and chemicals.
The sealed solvent system helps keep water out of the system while you are only exposed to the reagents.
Dynamic titrant dose
The dynamic dosing function enables timely and accurate titration results by relating the volume of titrant dosed to the mV response of the titration reaction. This allows for larger doses near the start of the titration and smaller, more precise doses near the end point of the titration.

The Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator HI934 automatically adjusts the titration calculation to account for the effects of ambient humidity entering the titration cell. The die provides a more accurate result, the replacement water is corrected, which is not present in the real sample.

Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator HI934

Averaging titration results
Consecutive results of the Karl Fischer titration method can be averaged and the standard deviation shown.

The Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator HI934  titrant database can store information for up to 20 titrants. The database can be programmed to remind the user when to standardize their titrant, reducing analysis errors.

The Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator HI934 uses a dual platinum pin electrode for dual voltammetry endpoint determination. Users can select termination criteria based on mV stability time or drift rate.

Multistep cell preparation
The pre-titration step of residual water in the solvent and cell provides a reliable starting point for analysis. Standby mode then keeps the solvent dry between titrations and when the titrator is not in use.

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