Oxygen Meter

A soluble oxygen meter is a laboratory equipment that is an excellent laboratory meter for measuring DO with proven DO galvanic sensors. With automatic GLP / AQA documentation, it supports tracking capabilities not only in the environmental laboratory.
Professional soluble oxygen meter, controlled menu, for set measurements including galvanic DO sensor. M with universal power supply, base and performance manual, polishing tape, electrolyte, cleaning solution, alternative caps, including CD-ROM. Software, USB cable.
USB interface for fast data transfer
Data output in csv format. Or via an optional internal printer
Connect your DO sensor stirrer

Safety measurements
Repeatable measurement results are provided by the active auto-read function with the detection of stable end values.
Automatic air pressure compensation
Graphic display with simple text menu for convenient and safe operation

GLP / AQA documents
Alphabetical input of electrode serial number
Transfer all data in .csv format via USB interface to PC, transfer formatted on demand to Excel (MultiLab® Importer, available in delivery or download).
Data output is possible via an optional internal printer

Flexible and powerful
Measures partial pressure, concentration and saturation
Salinity reform
Storage for large measurement batches

technical data oxygen meter

Oxygen Laboratory Apparatus inoLab® Oxi 7310
Concentration 0.00 … 20.00 mg / L ± 0.5% MW.
0 … 90 mg/L ± 0.5%
Saturation 0.0 … 200.0% ± 0.5% f.s. value added tax
0 … 600% ± 0.5% mv.
Partial pressure 0 … 200.0 hectopa,
0 … 1250 hours
Temperature -5.0 … 105.0 °C ± 0.1 °C
Single point air calibration or against external standard
Calibration memory up to 10 calibrations
LCD graphics display, backlit
Automatic 500/5000 data storage manual
Recorder Manual / Time Control
Micro USB interface b
Printer (Optional) Thermal printer, width 58mm
Power Supply Universal Power Pack 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 4 x 1.5V AA or 4 x 1.2V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
All values ​​± 1 digit

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