Atomic absorption

AA500 atomic absorption spectrophotometer is one of the oil and gas laboratory equipment that has a computer system that is placed inside the device and fully complies with the standard. AAWin3 software was pre-installed in AA500 atomic absorption spectrometer. AAWin3 software provides full atomic absorption spectrometry control of AAS model AA500.

 atomic absorption spectroscopy model AA500 includes 8 automatic empty cathode turret lamps which are controlled and optimized by AAWin3 software. The lamp operating current and the

The D2 lamp background correction system is placed as standard in the AA500 model AAS atomic absorption spectrometer building. D2 high energy lamp and adjustable beam splitting mirror are optimized with AAWin3 software

The self-reversal field correction system of AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectrophotometer is placed in the building of AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectrophotometer according to the standard. The high-performance background system uses a built-in hollow cathode lamp for analysis

The Self-Reversal system of the AA500 AAS atomic absorption spectrometer can be used for any element at any wavelength, which makes the AA500 AAS atomic absorption spectrometer highly versatile. The minimum number of high-precision optics maximizes lamp efficiency for the computer-controlled Czerny-Turner monochromator in AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectroscopy. An automatic sampler is available as an option, which can be easily installed on the front of the AA500 AAS atomic absorption spectrome

 atomic absorption  is available in three configurations

  • AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer model AA500F
  • AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy model AA500G

atomic absorption spectrophotometer model AA500FG

Features  atomic absorption spectrophotometer flame atomizer

AA500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer flame atomizer offers three air/acetylene flame options with N 2 O/acetylene and air/LPG options

Air/acetylene atomizer AAS model  AA500 atomic absorption spectrometer

Air/acetylene flame AAS atomic absorption spectrometer model AA500 uses a 100 mm single slot burner as standard.

Very high sensitivity (Cu 2ppm>0.280abs) due to the efficiency of the nebulizer glass, which is placed according to the standard on the AA500 AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer. An acid-resistant replacement can also be installed on the AA500 AAS atomic absorption spectrometer if needed.

The flame is easily adjustable by computer from weak blue to strong fuel stoichiometrically.

Atomizer 2 O / acetylene AAS atomic absorption spectrometer model  AA500

The N 2 O/acetylene flame utilizes a 50 mm single-slot burner and is available as an additional option for the AA500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.

The flame is able to measure elements less susceptible to ionization such as aluminum, tin, titanium, calcium, vanadium and molybdenum.

Changing the flame from air/acetylene to N 2 O/acetylene or off mode can be controlled with AAWinPro AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectroscopy software.

Air/propane LPG atomizer, AAS atomic absorption spectrometer model  AA500

  • This flame uses three slot burners and because it requires low pressure, it is much safer to use.
  • Due to its low temperature, this flame is very suitable for the analysis of alkali metals such as potassium, sodium and lithium, especially when used in diffusion mode.
  • Some areas of the world do not have acetylene gas of sufficient purity to make the flame work properly, LPG can be a real substitute and provide comparable results for most elements across the wavelength range by the AAS Model AA500 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.

Safety characteristics of AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectrophotometer flame atomizer

  • Pressure monitoring for all gases
  • Matching the torch
  • Flame sensor
  • Drain Trap level sensor
  • Gas leak detector
  • High pressure in Premix
  • Safe disconnect button 

Features of graphite furnace, atomizer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS model AA500

Integrated graphite furnace atomizers are available in two AA500G AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometers and AA500FG AAS atomic absorption spectrometers

In AAS model AA500G atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the upper part of the graphite furnace is placed in an optical path, so the alignment with the optical path is easier and more accurate

In the AA500 AAS atomic absorption spectrometer, the upper part of the graphite furnace is placed next to the flame atomizer and it is motorized in the AAWinPro software with a simple function. Graphite and flame locations have simplified switching between different modes and analyses

The temperature of the AA500 Model AA500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy graphite tube is accurately measured by a precision feedback system and is designed to minimize analytical problems in this technique. The maximum temperature is 3000 degrees Celsius

Graphite tubes with pyrolytic coating in AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectroscopy are produced according to the standard to reduce analytical problems and at the same time increase the life of the device

AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectroscopic platform graphite tubes are provided according to the standard and hold up to 20l microliter volume. Non-platform tubes are also available as an additional option.

Up to 10 heating steps are available for programming the AA500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Graphite Atomizer, which can be set and saved with AAWinPro softwareThe graphite tube houses a gas piston. Replacing the graphite tube is done with a simple command in the AA500 model AAS atomic absorption spectrometer software. The graphite tube is effectively cooled by the secondary water circuit system, which is supplied separately

Safety features of atomizer graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS model AA500

  • Argon gas pressure sensor
  • Water flow sensor
  • High temperature sensor
  • The protection of both parts of the graphite tube is installed on the device and can be easily changed with a simple selection on the versatile AA-Win software.

Applications  atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Due to its excellent performance and high versatility, AAS model AA500 atomic absorption spectrometer can be used for a wide range of the following applications.

  • agriculture
  • Food industry
  • Geology
  • Clinical
  • Metals
  • petrochemical
  • the environment
  • mine
  • pharmaceutical Industries

Technical specifications  atomic absorption 



AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer wavelength range

185 to 910 nm

AAS atomic absorption spectrometer monochromator

0.1-2.0-4.0-0.1-0.2 nm according to software selection

Wavelength accuracy of AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy

±0.15 nm

Resolution of AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy

0.2 to 0.02 nm

Wavelength reproducibility of AAS atomic absorption spectrometer

< 0.05 nm

Baseline Stability of AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

A/30min 005/0

(Cu) sensitivity of AAS atomic absorption spectrometer

2µg/ml Absorption > 0.28A (flame)

Detection limit of AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy

(Cu < 0.004 µg/ml (flame) Cd < 0.4 x 10-12g (graphite furnace

Reproducibility of AAS atomic absorption spectroscopy

(Cu < 0.7% (Air/Acetylene flame

)Ba < 1.0% (Nitrous oxide/Acetylene flame

(Cu < 2.0% Cd < 2.0% (Graphite Furnace

AAS atomic absorption spectrometer background corrector

Deuterium arc, Self-reversal

AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer characteristic concentration

Cu < 0.02 µg/ml,

Ba < 0.15 mg/ml (N2O/Acetylene)

AAS atomic absorption spectrometer torch heads

Titanium alloy (burner position – height and rotation can be selected by software)

Nebulizer – micron dust

Adjustable static nebulizer – Flow rates from 2 to 6 mm/min – Narrow Pt/Ir available for high acid concentrations

AAS Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Atomization Chamber

Corrosion resistant material

Adjusting the position of AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Automatic change of AA500GF to AA500F

Automatic adjustment of the optimum length for the burner flame

Safety functions of AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Burner identification, flame sensor, gas leak sensor, low pressure gas sensor, discharge sensor, power loss protection, water flow (graphite), high temperature sensor (graphite)

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