Flash Point Tester

Among the laboratory equipment in the oil and gas laboratory, the Flash Point Tester PM-93 is a fully automatic Penske-Martens flash point tester that combines the exact adaptation of the method with the latest control technology and safety systems to achieve the highest level of analysis and Ensure fast, accurate and safe analysis.

You can determine flash points up to 400°C, either in standard mode when the flash point is known or in search mode when it is not known. After the measurement is complete, the PM-93 displays the results graphically on the LCD screen. You can save the results to internal memory, email them, export them to a USB stick, or transfer them via QR code.

The SQC software analyzes the results, calculates the mean, standard deviation, standard error and repeatability and plots the results in accordance with ASTM D6299.

 features Flash Point Tester

– Simple operation with touch screen
– Automatic flash point determination
– Gas or electric ignition
– Patented ‘SafeFlash’ automatic fire extinguisher
– Large memory for storing 30 test profiles, operator names and test methods
– Real-time display of test history and storage of 2000 results
– LIMS connection, results can be sent via e-mail, saved on a USB stick or transferred via QR code
– Statistical Quality Control (SQC) software to analyze results according to ASTM D6299

Safety for the operator:
The patented “SafeFlash” extinguisher activates automatically if an excessive flame or fire develops around the test cup
PRT Checks, Pre-Start Safety Dive, Over-Temperature Shutdown, Gas Flame Relight, Gas Shutdown and Emergency Stop
Complies with ISO 2719 Annex b

Flash Point Tester Ease of use 

Operation with a lifting arm
Intuitive user menu with color touch screen
Fully automated test procedure, little operator intervention required

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