edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter

Laboratory equipment includes edge® Dedicated pH / ORP Meter is a two-channel desktop meter that can measure up to eight parameters (ISE, pH, ORP, conductivity, total soluble solids, strength, salinity and temperature). And display both channels simultaneously. It combines the highest analytical quality with user-friendliness and reliability in everyday laboratory work.

Kapazitives Touchpad

The touchpad gives the HI5522 its distinctive, modern appearance. It is sensitive enough to be operated with laboratory gloves and reacts quickly. Since it is part of the screen, there are no buttons to get dirty with sample residue.

Excellent configurable

The user interface of the device is customizable. The edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter is capable of displaying two channels simultaneously. Measurements can be
displayed in a number of different modes:

  • basic measurement information with or without GLP data,
  • graphical representation of each of the two channels and
  • recorded readings.

User-friendly functionality

The edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter supports multiple languages ​​and context sensitive help is always available through the dedicated HELP button. Clear operating instructions and instructions are quickly available on screen to easily guide users through measurement and calibration procedures to ensure they are performed correctly.


A profile is a user-definable set of configuration data that can include: mode, standards, isopotential point, ISE (ion selective electrode) measurement units and ISE type, temperature units, and measurement resolution.

Up to 10 profiles can be saved and loaded. This eliminates the need to reconfigure the device each time it is used for a different application.

choice of calibration

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual pH calibration up to five points using eight standard and five custom buffers are available. The “Out of Calibration Range” and “Calibration Expired” features alert users when a measurement is taken too far from the nearest calibration point or when a new calibration is due. Regular repeat calibrations are essential for accurate and repeatable measurement results.

The HI5522 also features ISE calibration at up to five points, with five standard solutions and up to five custom solutions. Users can select an ISE from an on-screen list along with the default configuration profile, or define a custom profile.

Data logging and PC connectivity

Three modes are available: automatic, manual and autohold data recording. Automatic and manual logs contain up to 100 groups with a maximum of 50000 data sets/group, 100000 data points per channel and up to 100 ISE method reports. The automatic recording offers the possibility to save values ​​according to the measurement duration and intervals. The autohold function records readings at stability. GLP information is stored with each group. They contain complete user calibration data for each parameter and identifier for the device, user and company. Data can be transferred to a PC via USB using the optional HI92000 software.

CAL Check

Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check™ diagnostic system ensures consistently reliable pH measurements by alerting users if problems arise during calibration. CAL Check  prevents incorrect measurements caused by dirty or faulty pH electrodes or contaminated buffer solutions during calibration. After the guided calibration process, the condition of the electrode is evaluated and a display informs the user about the overall condition of the pH probe.

Each time a calibration is performed, the meter compares the new calibration to the previous one. If there are significant differences between the two, users are prompted to either clean the electrode, check the buffer, or do both.

The condition of the pH electrode after calibration is shown as a percentage together with the date and time.

Incremental ISE methods

The determination of ion concentrations with ISEs can be made faster and safer using the optimized incremental methods.

Incremental methods involve adding a standard to a sample, or a sample to a standard, and measuring the change in mV of voltage this causes. The difference in mV determines the concentration of the measured ion. Previously, users had to calculate the ion concentration using appropriate equations, today the HI5522 automatically calculates the ion concentration in the sample and records it in an ISE report. Up to 200 reports can be saved and recalled later. The entire process can be repeated for a larger number of samples without having to re-enter the parameter sets. Reports can be printed using the HI9200 PC software.

Incremental methods can reduce errors introduced by variables such as temperature, viscosity, pH, or ionic strength. The electrodes remain immersed throughout the process, reducing measurement time and preventing cross-contamination between samples and associated errors.

The  edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter HI5522 provides a choice of known addition, known subtraction, analyte addition, and analyte subtraction methods.


The HI5522 can be used in conjunction with appropriate conductivity and pH electrodes to analyze water for injection per USP <645> specification.

The instrument provides clear instructions on how to perform the measurement and automatically verifies at each step that the temperature, conductivity and stability are within USP regulation limits.

Complete results are displayed together at the end of the measurement. Up to 200 reports can be stored for future retrieval.

The HI5522 is supplied with: HI1131B pH electrode, HI76312 conductivity/TDS probe, HI7662-W temperature probe, 20 mL bags of pH 4.01 buffer solution (2), 20 mL bags of pH 7.01 buffer buffer solution (2), 20 mL bag of pH 10.01 buffer solution (2), 20 mL bag of 1413 µS/cm conductivity standard (2), 20 mL bag of 12880 µS/cm conductivity standard (2), 20 mL bag of HI700601 Electrode Cleaner (2), HI7082 3.5 M KCl Electrolyte Solution (30 mL), HI76404W Electrode Holder, 12 V power supply, capillary pipette, Certificate of Quality, Quick Start Guide and User Manual.

edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter Technical specifications 

measuring range pH -2,000 to 20,000
resolution pH 0.001; pH 0.01; pH 0.1 pH
accuracy pH ±0.002± 1 least significant digit; ±0.01pH; pH ±0.1
calibration Automatic, up to five points from eight default and five custom buffers
Temperaturkompensation Automatic or manual, -20.0 to 120 °C*
pH in mV
measuring range ±2000 mV
resolution 0,1 mV
accuracy ±0.02 mV±1 least significant digit
measuring range 1 x 10 -6 to 9.99 x x10 10 concentration
resolution 0.001; 0.01; 0.1; 1 concentration
accuracy ±0.5% (monovalent ions); ±1% (divalent ions)
calibration Automatic, up to five points, five fixed and five user-defined standards per measurement unit available

Temperature *

measuring range -20.0 to 120.0 °C; -4.0 to 248°F; 253.15 to 393.15K
resolution 0,1 °C; 0,1 °F; 0,1 K
accuracy ±0.2°C; ±0.4°F; ±0.2 K (without probe error)
conductivity measurement
measuring range 0.000 to 9.999 µS/cm, 10.00 to 99.99 µS/cm; 100.0 to 999.9 µS/cm; 1.000 to 9.999 mS/cm; 10.00 to 99.99 mS/cm; 100.0 up to 1000.0 mS/cm absolute conductivity**
resolution 0,001 µS/cm; 0,01 µS/cm; 0,1 µs/cm; 0,001 mS/cm; 0,01 mS/cm; 0,1 mS/cm
accuracy ±1% of reading (±0.01 µS/cm)
cell constant 0.0500 to 200.00/cm
cell type 4 pole cell
calibration Automatic standard recognition, single or multi-point calibration with user-defined standard
calibration reminder Yes
temperature coefficient 0.00 to 10.00%/°C
Temperaturkompensation Disabled, linear and non-linear (natural water)
reference temperature 5.0 to 30.0°C
Profile up to 10.5 per channel
USP-conform Yes

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

measuring range 0.000 to 9.999ppm; 10.00 to 99.99ppm; 100.0 to 999.9ppm; 1.000 to 9.999‰; 10.00 to 99.99 ‰; 100.0 to 400.0 ‰ (absolute dissolved solids content)**, using a conversion factor of 1.00
resolution 0,001 ppm; 0,01ppm; 0,1 ppm; 0,001 ‰; 0,01 ‰; 0,1 ‰
accuracy ±1% of reading (±0.01ppm)


measuring range 1.0 to 99.9Ω•cm; 100 to 999Ω•cm; 1.00 to 9.99kΩ•cm; 10.0 to 99.9kΩ•cm; 100 to 999 kΩ•cm; 1.00 to 9.99 MΩ•cm; 10.0 to 100.0 MΩ•cm
resolution 0,1 Ω•cm; 1 Ω•cm; 0,01 kΩ•cm; 0,1 kΩ•cm; 1 kΩ•cm; 0,01 MΩ•cm; 0,1 MΩ•cm
accuracy ±2% of reading (±1Ω•cm)

Salinity (NaCl)

measuring range Percent scale: 0.0 to 400.0% NaCl; practical scale: 0.00 to 42.00 PSU; natural seawater scale: 0.0 to 80.0 ‰
resolution 0.1% NaCl; 0.01 PSU; 0.01 ‰
accuracy ±1% of reading
calibration PSU and g/L by conductivity calibration; % NaCl One point calibration with HI7037L seawater standard

other data

pH-Electrode HI1131B Glass body pH electrode with BNC connector and 1m cable (included)
conductivity probe HI76312 Platinum 4-ring conductivity/TDS probe with 1m cable (included)
temperature probe HI7622-T stainless steel temperature probe with 1m cable (included)
input channels 1 pH/ORP/ISE + 1 conductivity
GLP cell constant, reference temperature, temperature coefficient; Calibration points, calibration date and time, conductivity probe offset
data logging  Data sets: 100000 data points memory/channel, up to 100 groups with max. 50000 data sets/group; Interval: 14 preset values ​​selectable between 1 second and the maximum recording time of 180 minutes; Type: automatic, manual, AutoHOLD; Additionally: 200 USP reports, 200 reports for incremental ISE methods
PC connectivity USB
power supply 12V power adapter (included)
Environmental conditions  0 – 50 °C, max 95% rel. Humidity, non-condensing
Mass weight  160 mm x 231 mm x 94 mm / 1,2 kg

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